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Imagine that in your house, a Nutritionist comes in. What do you think she would change first? Some people might think “Oh no, she’ll see all the “bad” things I eat”, others might think “Oh now I’ll learn all about my diet”. The truth is that many people seek, every day, to be better informed about various sectors of our daily lives, and food is one of the daily hot topics. However, we also live in a time where there is so much information that often does not come from reliable sources or, if it is adequate information, most of the time we do not know how to filter this information to use it in our daily lives.

As a Nutritionist my purpose is to help and inform in the correct way. And as they say in Portuguese: “no one is born taught”!  In general, we do not grow up with health education and, unfortunately, nor with a sustained and preventive food education. And it was for this very reason (that year after year I realized that there are more and more doubts, more uncertainties and insecurity in the information about food and nutrition) that I decided to create a safe space, updated, accessible, with information based on science and with practical and applicable monitoring to your routine. That space is the Nutriscient Academy.

Well, if I as a Nutritionist entered your house, possibly what would change, first of all, would be the places where you store food. Not to see, in itself, what kind of food you consume, but mainly to understand the way you store it.

  • Maybe you keep your eggs in the fridge door, do you? But that’s not the best way to store them, you know?
  • And do you know which shelf you should put leftovers on? And what about drinks?
  • And how should you store fruit and vegetables? (Almost everyone misses this one!)
  • And how should the food be arranged in the pantry? Do you pack opened packages correctly?
  • What about reading food labels? “Those tiny little letters are so easy to “fool”, how could I possibly understand them?”

I’ll give you a heads up: conscious, sustained, nourishing food effectively starts HERE! Believe it or not, the way your pantry, fridge and freezer look tell us a lot about your diet and how you take care of yourself.

How do you store food when you bring it home from the supermarket?
How do you sanitise the places where it will be stored in your home?
Is it possible to preserve food for longer without losing its nutritional quality?
Who has never let a food product go past its sell-by date?
Who hasn’t finished a particular product and forgotten to buy it? Who has never put a carton inside the freezer?
Who has never had a household pest infestation, due to a certain product rotting away without realising it?

These and many more questions will be answered in the Nutriscient Academy. And soon you can be part of something pioneering in our country and an exclusive community, where I will be there to monitor your progress and practice. In the Nutrisciente Academy you will learn all the knowledge you need in Nutrition and much more than you expect to learn!

Your view on Nutrition will change and you will hear topics that have never before been talked about in such an open, educational and up-close way – and all just a click away!

The Academy will be for all people, of all ages, from all parts of the country and Portuguese speaking community, anywhere in the world who want to learn more about Nutrition and how to apply it to their lives.

Here we embrace everyone. The country and the world.

With love for nutrition and science,

Sara Barreirinhas

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