Can I consume cashew on the Low FODMAP Diet?

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Until relatively recently, cashew consumption was advised against in the low FODMAP diet, especially in the first phase of the diet. This was because cashew nuts are rich in GOS and Fructans, i.e. they are high in FODMAP.

However, and due to new laboratory tests, Monash University has made available an interesting new data about this oleaginous fruit. In fact, in the App it can be observed that cashew can already be consumed in the first phase of the diet, as long as it is in its activated form. This means that its natural form (raw) is still inadvisable for consumption, but that with minimal home processing it is possible to lower the FODMAP content – that is, through its activation we obtain a portion low in FODMAP.

And how is the activation of cashew nuts done? In this article we will see step by step how you can activate cashew in a very simple and homemade way.

Actived Cashew

Step 1: Soak the natural cashew in clean water for 4-5h.

Step 2: Drain the cashew water and soak again for another 4-5h.

Step 3 – option 1: Drain the water again and, on a tray, leave the cashew to dry naturally.

Step 3 – option 2: Another option, apart from drying the cashews naturally, is to roast them in the oven. If you prefer this option, then wash the cashews in the oven at 180°C for about 12 to 15 minutes.

Step 4: Whichever option you choose, after preparation pack them in an airtight container.

From now on, you can consume, per meal, 15g of activated cashew, regardless of the phase of the diet you are in. Note that the consumption of raw cashew is still inadvisable, so you need to activate it through the steps described above. I can tell you that the taste of activated cashew is not the same as its natural form, but I assure you it is very tasty, yummy and SAFE!!!

Please note that most commercially available packages of roasted cashew are not in their activated form (because they have not gone through the soaking stage), and so far we do not know their FODMAP content.

I hope this article is useful to you.

With love,
Sara Barreirinhas

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