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My mission is to improve the lives of all those people who, like me, are not defined by a weight, by an illness, but by the joy of living, well-being and health.

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  • Have you been trying for a long time to lose weight and not succeeding?
  • Do you feel that your emotions affect your food choices?

When you arrive at an appointment with the aim of losing weight, do you expect a diet plan to be prescribed for you to follow to the letter and achieve your goal? It doesn't always work out that way for everyone. Adherence to the diet plan depends on many factors. From your family and work environment, the way you take care of yourself, your body, your mind and especially your EMOTIONS. Have you ever found yourself not feeling hungry and only consuming food products to fill a need of irritation, frustration or even sadness?

The way we perceive and manage our emotions, in general, says a lot about our life. Especially our daily diet, the way we take care of our body and our nutritional state.

In the nutrition consultation we don't just work on a physical issue, but on an integral form of body, mind and emotions.

Francisco Espada

Operational Assistant

For many years I wanted to be accompanied by an expert in the field because I "know" me always obese and overweight, however, I never had the courage to take the first step and get ahead.

I don't believe in fate, but I don't think it was by chance that Sara crossed paths in my life. I'm sure I met the right person to accompany me and do this marathon.

I started with 100.5 kg in January 2021 and now I'm at 82.4 in June. I'm proud of what we've done and done together, it was great teamwork and we look forward to even more for what's to come.

Anyone who knows Sara knows that she always has a smile to offer in a consultation or day-to-day conversation, so her work goes far beyond just talking about weight. I see in Sara a "confident", a person who pulls on anyone who crosses her path and who she can help. Sara is always ready to give her opinion and contribution, she is a good listener and very assertive.

Do not have any doubts with whom you walk, choose Barreirinhas 😄

Helena e Marcelo Campello

Advertiser & Administrator

Dr. Sara helped us with our daughter Cecília, who wanted to be a vegetarian. With a lot of empathy and knowledge, Dr. Sara prepared a food plan and indicated different sources of income, in books and websites. It was a gain for the whole family, as we had no idea of the benefits of vegetarian eating. And so we also become Dr. Sara's patients!


  • Are you a vegetarian and have difficulties in structuring your meals?
  • Are you afraid of having nutritional deficiencies?

The demand for a plant-based diet has been increasing more and more in recent years. Only between 2007 and 2019 the number of vegetarians has quadrupled in Portugal. However, there are still many doubts about how to start, how to adapt the plate, how to avoid nutritional deficiencies, how to make the diet more diverse, what supplements to take, etc. At the nutrition consultation we do everything to make your transition as practical and nutritionally adequate as possible.


  • Do you have difficulty understanding what foods you can and cannot include in your meals?
  • Do you want to feel freedom and pleasure in your meals?

Gastrointestinal diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, among others, deserve special, individualised attention. Among many other symptoms, these diseases have in common an essential factor for our body: the poor absorption of nutrients. This implies a new dietary re-education and the restriction of some foods/nutrients, especially during the active phases.

Nutrisciente offers a differentiated service on the market, individualised and adapted to all users with gastrointestinal pathology.

In the light of scientific evidence, other autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, hypo- and hyperthyroidism can also benefit from nutritional monitoring.

Leena Mira

Medical Student

I started the treatment at Nutrisciente after being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. At that time I felt bad every other day. I didn't understand why foods that I had always eaten were suddenly so bad for me, I began to be afraid of eating. I went for a gastroenterology consultation where they told me about the low FODMAP diet. After some research I realised it wouldn't be an easy process, so I decided to seek specialist guidance. I made an appointment with Sara, a nutritionist, and everything changed. I was guided through all the stages of the diet, all my doubts were clarified, the fear of eating disappeared, the bouts of discomfort diminished (I knew what to avoid!) and hope increased (I knew what to eat!). Despite the slow process, the results paid off, I now know my body and I feel better. At Nutrisciente there is a real accompaniment, where all the steps are taken together!


  • When you travel, do you feel insecure when you choose to have a meal in a restaurant?
  • Are you afraid that trying new dishes or foods will not allow you to enjoy the trip?

When there are special dietary needs, such as an Inflammatory Bowel Disease or with food intolerances and/or allergies (among other situations), there is an added fear of eating out. When we talk about travelling to other countries, with different gastronomic cultures, more insecurity in meals and catering exists. For this reason, Nutrisciente has created the Traveller's Nutritional Consultation, a personalized service for all travellers with dietary restrictions, which will serve as support for the preparation of any trip, ensuring greater security so that food is not a concern in your holidays and leisure periods.

Through our partnership with From the World with Sara, you can book your trip here and find out which destinations are best for you.


  • Do you avoid eating in restaurants because you don't feel safe?
  • Do you have difficulty with the list of ingredients?

We offer support in the preparation of dishes and menus, food labeling and training for catering staff in order to ensure not only the quality of meals, but also specific and appropriate food safety for intestinal pathologies (celiac disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowel syndrome) and vegetarian meals.

In this service:

- We prepare technical sheets;

- We provide training in food safety;

- We make employees aware of gastrointestinal diseases and vegetarianism;

- We check the list of allergens and the nutritional quality of the meals;

- We guarantee the suitability of meals for intestinal diseases.

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