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Welcome to the Nutrisciente Academy. Here you will be able to acquire more knowledge about Nutrition and Food and learn in a simple and practical way, how to apply them in your routine.

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To be the reference Nutrition Academy in this area, due to its follow-up and differentiated services.

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Monthly lesson with Dr. Sara Barreirinhas to clarify doubts

Shopping list

Ebook of culinary substitutions

Ebook on how to eat out (for intestinal diseases)

Exclusive discounts (on e-book recipes, clinical support, among others)

Nutrisciente Academy Kit (annual payment offer)

Annual seminar of the Nutrisciente Academy (free)

Each training will consist of videos and worksbook, in order to consolidate all the information we transmit, according to scientific evidence.

Throughout training, you will be able to clarify doubts with Dr. Sara Barreirinhas.

Nutrition has never been so close to you.

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What our customers say

The testimony of those who have already taken the course.

Denise Fernandes


I took the Labels course and found the course very interesting. The course is well explained, we also have some exercises, where we can put into practice the notions we learned during the course.

I tried to do the exercises by myself, and then I watched the correction through the videos. The videos and the book explain very well the various concepts. I found this course very practical, since we all go shopping, look at the products and don't always know if that product is really good or not. Now I will know how to interpret the labels and see the part of the nutritional declaration and thus know if the product is really good for my health or not. 🙂


The Nutrisciente Academy was thought and designed by the nutritionist Sara Barreirinhas with the purpose of elucidating and getting closer to the citizens, with updated scientific information and nutrition content applicable to your daily life. In the Academy you have access to several modules on Nutrition, with different themes, and many practical exercises that will guide you in the practice of daily nutrition. 

We live in an age where there is so much information that, most of the time, we don’t know if it comes from reliable sources or we don’t know how to filter the information so that it is useful to us. Especially in the area of Nutrition, besides the existence of food myths, there is a lot of incorrect information and therefore we are often misled without knowing who to turn to for adequate information. Aware of this limitation in our food education in Portugal, Nutrisciente offers a pioneering service and an online space where anyone, of any age and in any location can access current scientific knowledge, reliable and very practical that guides you towards a healthier lifestyle, sustainable and conscious. In the Nutrisciente Academy you can learn all the knowledge you need in Nutrition and much more than you expect to learn! In addition you will belong to an exclusive Academy Community, where you will interact directly with Dr. Sara Barreirinhas and meet other Academy members.

Everyone with access to a computer, tablet, mobile phone and internet. Nutrition has never been so close to you, just a click away.

The Academy has several modules, on different themes, which you can attend at your own pace, whenever you want. The modules are available online for all members. There may be some modules live, but all members will be informed in advance and will have access to the content afterwards. In short, everything is available in the Nutrisciente Academy, at your fingertips, wherever you are and whatever your schedule.

All Academy members have exclusive access to other content besides the trainings, such as shopping list, e-book with healthy substitutions, e-book guide to eating out among others that will be updated every month. You also have exclusive rights to the Academy’s Community, which will always be supervised by Dr. Sara Barreirinhas and a discount in one of the site’s recipe ebooks. 

If you’re one of the first 25 registrations, besides all the bonuses we mentioned in the previous question, you’ll still get 2 free monthly fees. Hurry up!

Yes!!! Besides the access to other contents, discount in one of the site’s recipe ebooks and belonging to the Academy’s Community, you also have the exclusive right to

  • 25% discount on an online, individualized nutrition consultation with Dr. Sara Barreirinhas;
  • Special kit from Nutrisciente Academy (that will be sent by CTT).

The annual fee is 120€ , which means 10€ a month.

There are several payment methods. You can pay annually (120€), half-yearly (60€) or quarterly (30€).

No. You can only attend for 3 months (30€/quarterly fee). If at the end of this period you want to cancel your enrolment, you must send us an email to informing us of your decision. This decision must be communicated before the end of the 3 months. If you inform us after 3 months, you may be charged an extra monthly fee.

Yes, the minimum frequency of the Nutriscious Academy is 3 months (quarterly fee of 30 euros).

Every month new modules, files and/or information will be added.

Yes, every month you will have a free 45 minute class, live, with Dr. Sara Barreirinhas, where you can ask your questions.

You can post all your questions in the exclusive community of Academia Nutrisciente that will be supervised by Dr. Sara Barreirinhas.

It is a surprise that will be offered to all members who opt for the annual payment of the Academy. It will be sent via ctt to each member.

You can! Any Academy member can order the Nutriscient Academy Kit, however it will have an associated cost in case you opt for the quarterly or semi-annual payment. The kit will be free, only for members who choose the annual payment. 

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