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– To obtain data for potential customer verification;
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– Identify the potential customer who contacts us for market analysis.


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You have the right to lodge complaints with the competent authorities. To do so, you can address the competent data protection authorities in your town or region, or the data protection authorities competent for Nutrisciente SB, Soc. Uni. Lda (NIPC: 516455699), namely: National Commission for Data Protection,


I. Nutrition Consultations (provision of services): According to the Decree-Law Nº24/2014, the client has the right of free resolution on the service provision of Nutrition consultations within a legal period of 14 days after payment. In this way Nutrisciente SB, Soc. Uni. Ltd (NIPC: 516455699), undertakes to change the date of service that initially the customer made the payment, in case the customer can not enjoy the purchase on the selected date, or to reimburse the amount paid. In the case of a refund, current bank transfer rates will be applied to the final amount, and the amount will be transferred within a legal deadline of 14 days after payment. In case of cancellation of the appointment in less than 48 hours, the refund will correspond to 50% of the amount paid.

II: Info-products (ebooks and digital courses of the Academy): According to Decree-Law Nº24/2014, article 17 and paragraph l), the customer may not withdraw from the purchase of digital content not provided in material support, such as the Recipes ebooks and training courses of the Academy of Nutrisciente®, so he does not benefit from the right of free resolution. Thus, you will not have the right to a refund of the amount.


The training sessions that will be available on this day will be held live and recorded so that they can only be available to all participants who join the day. For this reason, we advise you to keep your camera switched off if you do not authorise the recording of your image. The recordings will be available exclusively in the private groups created for the journey to which the client will have access, and will not be distributed to third parties or by other means of communication.


Nutrisciente SB, Soc. Uni. Ltd (NIPC: 516455699) may contract external service companies or marketing professionals for contract management and execution of work having with them a protocol of security and confidentiality safeguarded. These service companies are carefully selected and regularly supervised, paying special attention to the level of security and the use of technical and organizational measures appropriate to the protection of personal data they retain.


The bonus physical activity classes included in this day will be taught by certified physical exercise instructors and are optional. Therefore, the customer may decide not to take the offered exercise classes. Should the client wish to take advantage of the bonus classes, he/she will be entirely responsible for any physical damage that may occur during the sessions, as they are optional and do not have insurance for physical damage.