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My mission is to improve the lives of all those people who, like me, are not defined by a weight, by an illness, but by the joy of living, well-being and health.

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My Story

… I grew up eating what our home garden gave us. I was fascinated by the whole process of food, from planting to the moment I pick them up from the garden. Maybe that’s why, from an early age, I was very interested in food, in why we eat what we eat and in respect for what nature offers us.


Today I am a Nutritionist (CP 2098N), vegetarian, have irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. I work in the area of conscious weight loss, vegetarianism and intestinal diseases, and I love travelling without limitations (in time and food).

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What Customers Say

This is a space of yours that makes me very grateful for the excellent testimonies you have left me.

What Customers Say

This is a space of yours that makes me very grateful for the excellent testimonies you have left me.

Helena e Marcelo Campello

Advertiser & Administrator

Dr. Sara helped us with our daughter Cecília, who wanted to become a vegetarian. With a lot of empathy and knowledge, Dr. Sara elaborated a diet plan and indicated different sources of recipes, in books and websites. It was a win-win for the whole family, because we had no idea about the benefits of vegetarian food. And so we also became Dr. Sara's patients!

Isabel Fiorenzo

Kindergarten Educator

With Crohn's disease, when I started the consultation I weighed 47kg. Nutritionist Sara listened carefully to my medical history and explained how a proper plan could help me. At the time I never thought that a Nutritionist could help me... How wrong I was! This follow-up was crucial for my recovery.

Francisco Espada

Operational Assistant

For many years I had wanted to be accompanied by a specialist in the field because I had always "known" myself to be overweight and obese, yet I never had the courage to take the first step and come forward.

I don't believe in fate, but I don't think it was by chance that Sara came across my life. I'm sure I met the right person to accompany me and do this marathon. I started with 100.5 kg in January 2021 and this moment I am at 82.4 in June. I am proud of what we have done and run together, it has been great teamwork and we aspire even more in what is to come.

Those who know Sara know that she always has a smile to offer in a consultation or everyday conversation, so her work goes far beyond just talking about weight. Vejo na Sara uma "confidente", uma pessoa que puxa por qualquer pessoa que se cruze no seu caminho e que ela possa ajudar.

Sara is always ready to give her opinion and contribution, she is a good listener and very assertive. Have no doubt who you walk with, choose Barreirinhas 😄"

Carmen Correia


I chose to be healthy and take care of myself. I found in Sara's consultations the help I needed to understand the ups and downs that happen in everyone's life, but that with me are related to food. During the consultations and between sessions I established daily routines in my life, which progressively result in a better lifestyle, including food. I understood my choices better and without restrictions or punishments I am learning to eat properly. Thanks Sara!

Enikö Nyizsnyik

Product Manager

I have been struggling to lose weight for several years and was in the yoyo effect. I have consulted different nutritionists over the years, but none of them seemed to work. Until I started working with Sara. From day one I have felt at ease in our consultations and was able to stop feeling ashamed and guilty whenever the results did not meet my expectations. Sara is very aware of the psychological state of her clients, and understands that our habits are seriously affected by our emotions. I started to enjoy eating again and become more conscious of my food choices. If you are looking for a nutritionist who is not only professional but also truly dedicated to your success, then Sara is the perfect choice for you.


Effective Member of the Order of Nutritionists

Emotion Management


Immune system, emotions and health

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My mission is to improve the lives of all people who, like me, are not defined by a weight, by a disease, but by the joy of living, well-being, and health.


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