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Welcome to the Nutrisciente Academy. Here you will be able to acquire more knowledge about Nutrition and Diet and learn in a simple and practical way, how to apply them in your routine.

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The testimony of those who have already taken a course.

Denise Fernandes


I took the Labels course and found the course very interesting. The course is well explained, we also have some exercises, where we can put into practice the notions we learned during the course.

I tried to do the exercises by myself, and then I watched the correction through the videos. The videos and the book explain very well the various concepts. I found this course very practical, since we all go shopping, look at the products and don't always know if that product is really good or not. Now I will know how to interpret the labels and see the part of the nutritional declaration and thus know if the product is really good for my health or not. 🙂 

Each training session will consist of videos and workbook, in order to consolidate all the information that we transmit, according to scientific evidence.

Throughout the training, you can ask questions with Dr. Sara Barreirinhas.

Nutrition has never been so close to you.

And, here, we are just a click away.

Nutrisciente Academy Courses

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To be the reference Nutrition Academy in this area, due to its follow-up and differentiated services.

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